Saturday, September 08, 2007


We go through life make choices, we choose who are friends are and through that choice, we inevitably decide who we become as well. Some people affect us more than others and sometimes we make the mistake of getting too close to a person, the problem arises when we care about a person possibly a little more than we care about ourselves, it is at that time that we are faced with only two options, do we risk it all and go on instinct, or do we torment ourselves and decide to keep it all in?

We are selfish creatures by nature, nobody would help someone else if it didn’t make them feel better of themselves, it’s a shallow truth and might not be true of everyone, but they’re merely the exception that proves the rule. This is why we are so confused when we meet someone else that makes us feel so good about ourselves that we begin to care about their happiness more than we care about our own. Therefore something that once seemed innocent takes a more selfish route the more time and thought we give to it.

Sometimes, we have no choice but to hurt ourselves. To cut off ourselves until the moment that we can regroup and gain control of our emotions once more, is it really selfish to risk everything just so we don’t lose someone close?