Tuesday, November 25, 2008


You know what's really funny? Watching someone who thinks so highly of themselves crawling on their knees like some dog.. And for what? Because a girl didn't say yes to them.
I just can't get over how funny it is. I mean, here I am watching it happen so many times in a day and this just isn't about the guys either. For some reason girls as well want someone whenever they can't have them.
Well, there's really nothing pathetic or hilarious about wanting something you can't have, but throwing a hissy fit isn't going to make things better for you. And that's regardless if you're a guy or a girl.

I just have one question for all of you reading... Tell me, who's dog are you?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

That feeling which you just can't remember...

Have you ever just woke up and realized that you were alone? We all say that we've got people there to support and help us but I just can't help by think that we're all essentially alone. Or then again maybe it's just me? I can't help but believe that maybe it was a mistake, in trying to be so independent of people I guess I've essentially isolated myself and made it impossible for me to actually trust anyone, even those I claim to care about and those I call my friends.. I'm not sure if I even trust myself at times...
Oh well... Life goes on regardless... I guess...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

English Class Assignment...

Just like a stone dropped in a puddle of water, all of our actions echo onward towards infinity.

We rarely think about the long-term consequences of our actions. Most people are in a blissful state of ignorance of the far-reaching implications of their actions, living only for themselves one moment at a time.

Global warming is one such example of man’s inability to comprehend the idea and notion of consequences. The slow but steady destruction of our planet which we had wrought for the last few decades has results which the future generations must deal with, leaving us to continue on our reckless downward-spiral with almost no bounds or restraints.

The destruction of our planet isn’t the only problem caused by our lack of foresight. For almost every major achievement in all fields from media to medicine we have had to sell just a little bit more of our souls. We’ve given ourselves a new set ethics and morals to combat our guilt and make us feel just a little bit better about ourselves. We’ve tried and succeeded in justifying our actions to ourselves.

Just where will this lead us? What is going to be left of us when we have nothing left of our souls to sell? Most importantly of all, will the forthcoming generations ever forgive the sins of their forefathers?

More and More..

People are mostly disgusting little shits that don’t have an excuse to live. I can’t express how disappointed I am with the people I meet in my life and my so called ‘friends’ I’ve realized that the more people claim to ‘love’ and ‘care’ about you, the more likely that they’re simply lying about it.

People don’t really care about one another, well at least not the ‘friends’ I had. One of my biggest regrets in life was when I decided to stop being such an emotionless bastard and to truly care and love my friends. Do you know what it got me?

Bullshit, that’s all I hear from the people around me. So much shit spews from their mouths that it’s hard to believe it isn’t being used as a substitute sewage system. All I hear is excuses and lies and I’m finally sick of it.

If you’re going to say that you have friends and that you all care about each other and really truly love each other, well you can just go on right ahead and blow me you pathetic fuck…

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The 'Other' People

Every day as I walk into college, I see lots of different people. Most of the people I come in contact with are (somewhat) normal, while others are strange and magical creatures.

Those that are better known as the “Raw” (Pronounced: ra-oh) fall into the latter category.

These people are fairly common in Oman and are usually attracted to places such as “City Center” and stairs for some obscure reason, recent studies have also concluded that they are highly attracted to grass as well.

Other notable features are their women’s bat like appearance. While the men are usually dressed in either a white dishdasha with long oily hair or in a really tight brightly colored shirt and a pair of horrible jeans, the women are clad exclusively in a black outfit which gives the illusion of them floating on air.

When approaching these people, great care must be taken to ensure a safe and pleasant experience while interacting. I shall make a separate cautionary list for both men and women.

Men: If you’re not wearing a dishdasha or an unusually horrible outfit be prepared for them to stare at you. It’s also advisable to look away from the women. While some of them aren’t disgustingly ugly, they believe in ‘love at first sight’ and having a bat like creature following you around like some lost puppy isn’t exactly most people’s idea of fun.

Women: Run away on sight. These people are aggressive and will usually signal for your attention through the use of mating calls and such. Examples of mating calls are: High pitched noises resembling a bird squawk, rudimentary use of the vocal cords to mimic laughter and an indescribable noise which sounds like a dying cat to the human ear.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Can't think of one right now...

You always think you’ve seen it all. You think that you’ve got people figured out and you could think that you’ve found the perfect friends, people who are honest and would stick with you but the truth is people are deceptive little shits, you think you know what someone is like and you think that you can trust them, but that beautiful little illusion will come crashing down all around you the moment you let your guard down. Some people find it hard to not trust someone, when someone looks you straight in the eye and tells you to trust them. Maybe I’ve just grown soft lately, I guess in the end you can’t rely on anyone but yourself, there’s no one who’s real except you.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


We go through life make choices, we choose who are friends are and through that choice, we inevitably decide who we become as well. Some people affect us more than others and sometimes we make the mistake of getting too close to a person, the problem arises when we care about a person possibly a little more than we care about ourselves, it is at that time that we are faced with only two options, do we risk it all and go on instinct, or do we torment ourselves and decide to keep it all in?

We are selfish creatures by nature, nobody would help someone else if it didn’t make them feel better of themselves, it’s a shallow truth and might not be true of everyone, but they’re merely the exception that proves the rule. This is why we are so confused when we meet someone else that makes us feel so good about ourselves that we begin to care about their happiness more than we care about our own. Therefore something that once seemed innocent takes a more selfish route the more time and thought we give to it.

Sometimes, we have no choice but to hurt ourselves. To cut off ourselves until the moment that we can regroup and gain control of our emotions once more, is it really selfish to risk everything just so we don’t lose someone close?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

English Class Essay

It never fails to amaze me what I can get away with in class, I mean I know I’ve done a lot of things I shouldn’t have in class but getting full marks on the following essay is really something I’m proud of.

Well, our teacher asked us to write about our childhood. He asked to be honest if we could and all that. I decided to record all the dirty details of my childhood, to literally spill my heart out on that blank piece of paper I had been given.

Here goes my English essay, titled: My Childhood

I can’t honestly say I’ve had a happy childhood, but then again it has helped shape me into the person that you see standing here before you today.

I was born to a young couple who constantly told me how much they loved me just before they shat all over me. I guess it wasn’t enough that I was neglected as an only child because they soon decided to bring another child into this cruel and depressing world, a year later I was cursed with a baby brother whom they favored over me because unlike me, he was white(er).

Growing up wasn’t easy for me either, I was constantly bullied during my earlier years from Kindergarten till the 3rd grade when my Latin-American school teacher offered me protection from the bullies, in return all I had to do was spend time alone with her during the breaks and after school. I thought it was alright back then, I didn’t know they had a name for people like that.

After my turbulent 3rd grade and following a police investigation on child exploitation, I decided that I needed to switch schools, to make a fresh start if you know what I mean. Life in the 4th grade was much better for me, I learnt how to make friends. I had also learnt how to defend myself but later that year something terrible was to happen. I still can’t talk about what happened during that day, but I learnt one thing, not all drug deals with the Jamaicans are destined to succeed.

Well, there you have it, the cold hard naked truth of my childhood…

I would’ve wrote more, but damn the 40 minutes they give us to write something in class. That and because I spend more time talking than doing my work in English. :-p

Monday, April 09, 2007

The enviroment sucks...

There is nothing called global warming…

I’ve heard of a lot of bullshit in my life, but geez…This is seriously some of the most ridiculous crap I’ve ever heard.

I mean, c’mon just think about it? Even if they are right? What’s the big deal? Most scientists say it won’t affect us for at least 100 years?

And I doubt any of us will live long enough to witness the sea’s drying up and the mountaintops exploding in blazing inferno.

And even if they do, won’t that be awesome? We barely get to see anything interesting happening these days.

If you ask me, I just think that Mother Nature’s been getting really lazy these days.

I blame junk food and obesity on it.

And what’s gotten into people these days?

Do people honestly believe that eating healthy is more important than looking good?

Do people actually think that what you are deep down inside you is what counts?

Face it, you live in a shallow world, the only thing people are going to judge you by your face and how fat you are.

This is a shallow planet we live on; it’s time we adapt to it…