Tuesday, April 24, 2007

English Class Essay

It never fails to amaze me what I can get away with in class, I mean I know I’ve done a lot of things I shouldn’t have in class but getting full marks on the following essay is really something I’m proud of.

Well, our teacher asked us to write about our childhood. He asked to be honest if we could and all that. I decided to record all the dirty details of my childhood, to literally spill my heart out on that blank piece of paper I had been given.

Here goes my English essay, titled: My Childhood

I can’t honestly say I’ve had a happy childhood, but then again it has helped shape me into the person that you see standing here before you today.

I was born to a young couple who constantly told me how much they loved me just before they shat all over me. I guess it wasn’t enough that I was neglected as an only child because they soon decided to bring another child into this cruel and depressing world, a year later I was cursed with a baby brother whom they favored over me because unlike me, he was white(er).

Growing up wasn’t easy for me either, I was constantly bullied during my earlier years from Kindergarten till the 3rd grade when my Latin-American school teacher offered me protection from the bullies, in return all I had to do was spend time alone with her during the breaks and after school. I thought it was alright back then, I didn’t know they had a name for people like that.

After my turbulent 3rd grade and following a police investigation on child exploitation, I decided that I needed to switch schools, to make a fresh start if you know what I mean. Life in the 4th grade was much better for me, I learnt how to make friends. I had also learnt how to defend myself but later that year something terrible was to happen. I still can’t talk about what happened during that day, but I learnt one thing, not all drug deals with the Jamaicans are destined to succeed.

Well, there you have it, the cold hard naked truth of my childhood…

I would’ve wrote more, but damn the 40 minutes they give us to write something in class. That and because I spend more time talking than doing my work in English. :-p


Amjad said...

Poor you .. Your friends in school used to bully you? :-p

Alz said...

So did you go through all of that Oprah shit? lol
My god that teacher is so nice =P
Or..you could've picked a nicer subject about childhood xD

tomboy said...

my my! i envy you!

Anonymous said...

Waaaa! You're such a tempting rape victim..

Usama said...

VERRR NAAAAAAAAICE! I PALLAUD YOU RASHAD! :D Haha. I feel yeh pain brotha! Nice blog :D you never fail to entertain me


Anonymous said...

I'm truly impressed by the choice of words you got there.
This was an eye catchy line to me:"I was born to a young couple."
Oh well, we all go through this at some point in life, so it's all good. Cheer up buddy :flower:

reemerz said...

I must say you a had a "diffrent" childhood than others ,, but are you sure ur parents liked ur brother more just coz he was "whiter"? :S

I liked the last part ,,, I always had the same problem in school ,, I used to talk more than I work and end up with a 3 lines essay that i manage to pull out in the last 10 secounds XD

hmmm maybe you would like to share more about ur childhood over here ;p!

Anonymous said...

haha... interesting essay!
Introduction, body and conclusion and right to the "truth" just like you were asked... you deserved the full mark hehe... I enjoyed that.

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