Sunday, November 18, 2007

English Class Assignment...

Just like a stone dropped in a puddle of water, all of our actions echo onward towards infinity.

We rarely think about the long-term consequences of our actions. Most people are in a blissful state of ignorance of the far-reaching implications of their actions, living only for themselves one moment at a time.

Global warming is one such example of man’s inability to comprehend the idea and notion of consequences. The slow but steady destruction of our planet which we had wrought for the last few decades has results which the future generations must deal with, leaving us to continue on our reckless downward-spiral with almost no bounds or restraints.

The destruction of our planet isn’t the only problem caused by our lack of foresight. For almost every major achievement in all fields from media to medicine we have had to sell just a little bit more of our souls. We’ve given ourselves a new set ethics and morals to combat our guilt and make us feel just a little bit better about ourselves. We’ve tried and succeeded in justifying our actions to ourselves.

Just where will this lead us? What is going to be left of us when we have nothing left of our souls to sell? Most importantly of all, will the forthcoming generations ever forgive the sins of their forefathers?

More and More..

People are mostly disgusting little shits that don’t have an excuse to live. I can’t express how disappointed I am with the people I meet in my life and my so called ‘friends’ I’ve realized that the more people claim to ‘love’ and ‘care’ about you, the more likely that they’re simply lying about it.

People don’t really care about one another, well at least not the ‘friends’ I had. One of my biggest regrets in life was when I decided to stop being such an emotionless bastard and to truly care and love my friends. Do you know what it got me?

Bullshit, that’s all I hear from the people around me. So much shit spews from their mouths that it’s hard to believe it isn’t being used as a substitute sewage system. All I hear is excuses and lies and I’m finally sick of it.

If you’re going to say that you have friends and that you all care about each other and really truly love each other, well you can just go on right ahead and blow me you pathetic fuck…